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DSD Group® has been engaged since 2008 in rendering services in the field of advance notification of customs authorities of the Russian Federation and of Belarus.


  • Processing of customs cargo declaration and customs clearance support in the Russian Federation and in Belarus;
  • Complete documentation of customs processing;
  • Identification of an import commodity code, pre-estimation of taxes and duties;
  • Assistance and consulting in the organization of an international transaction;
  • Declaration of goods and control over all stages of customs clearance;
  • Advance notification of customs authorities of the Russian Federation and of Belarus (e-mail printout);
  • Services of licensed convoy;
  • Code summary specification;
  • Representation of customer’s interests at a customs office;
  • Customs transit clearance without immediate presence of customs administration;
  • Filling out TIR Carnet;
  • Completion of customs value declaration;
  • Calculation of possible customs debt;
  • Completion of CMR;
  • Copying services;
  • Other services, as necessary.

Our advantages

  • Custom-tailored approach;
  • Promptness in keeping customer informed of paperwork stages;
  • Lack of middlemen;
  • Rich work experience;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • Application of state-of-the-art declaration programmes;
  • Competence and operational flexibility of our specialists.
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